Cluster Coordinator

MP Polskie Klastry Sp. z o.o. is companies established for the purpose of the coordination of the METALIKA Metal Cluster. Its aim is to support the entrepreneurs operating within the metal and metal-related industries, the research and development units (R&D), the business-related institutions, as well as the local government units and other public administration units in the long-term cooperation based on the transfer of knowledge, the implementation of innovative solutions and the improvement of competitiveness of the companies forming the Cluster. It is also connected with the vision of the development of the region based on creation of the brand of the Cluster.

The coordinators of the Cluster regularly organize meetings during which, among others, activity plans and offers of companies willing to cooperate with the Cluster are presented, as well as current business of the Cluster is discussed.

Twice a year meetings are organized under the title “Good practices of the METALIKA Cluster”. Meetings are held in the enterprises of the cluster members. It is a great opportunity to get to know each other better and exchange experiences.

In addition, an integration meeting of cluster members is organized each year.

As the effect of the coordinators’ activities, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development qualified the METALIKA Metal Cluster for:

• the group of the most influential clusters of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship
(the catalogue and exhibition of clusters 2012),
• the Benchmarking of Clusters 2012 survey,
• participation in the database of clusters in Poland, being the means of promoting
the clusters on the foreign markets.

• marketing research
• market research
• strategies
• consultancy & tranings
• communication with the market
• projects supporting the development
• R&D cooperation
• exploration & commercial missions abroad
• assistance in applying for regional and EU funds
• lobbying

Coordinators are also involved in the work for the development of cluster policy in Poland (V4ClusterPol project, Parliamentary Group on Cluster Policy)

MP Polskie Klastry Sp. z o.o.
Ph.D Marzena Frankowska +48 606 280 653
Marek Dymsza +48 603 798 785



MP Polskie Klastry Sp. z o.o.
ul. Dolomitów 15
71-784 Szczecin
NIP: 851-31-41-744

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